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Program Description

The Washington, D.C. Polish Language Program provides an opportunity for students of Polish at all levels to enhance their command of this rich Slavic language and knowledge of its culture. Whether a complete beginner looking for conversational skills or a professional seeking to gain facility with a more focused vocabulary, the Washington, D.C. Polish Language Program provides an affordable and convenient means of acquiring the language skills and cultural background knowledge students need.

Three or four levels of Polish are usually offered in addition to an occasional Immersion Course.

All classes include instruction in essential aspects of Polish history, culture, customs and traditions. Textbooks are supplemented with literary materials as well as music and videos.


 Classes Offered:


 Beginners I

 This class introduces the Polish language, designed for students without previous knowledge of  Polish. The class provides basic instructions to develop speaking and understanding skills in everyday situations. Simple elements of Polish grammar are introduced as well.


 Beginners I continuation or Beginners II  

 (Prerequisite: Beginners Polish I or equivalent)


 The class is designed for students who completed one or two semesters of Polish (or equivalent). We focus on developing our communication skills and vocabulary building while adding more advanced concepts of Polish grammar.


 (Prerequisite: Beginners Polish II or equivalent)

 We work with more complex Polish language materials, developing all four language skills: speaking,  understanding, reading, and writing.  We work with a variety of texts.


 (Prerequisite: Intermediate Polish or equivalent)

 A conversational class is designed for students who already have good speaking and writing skills and want to improve their language command further. We work with more advanced contemporary texts from different areas of life.


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